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Traveling to and around Nicaragua is an unforgettable experience, and the journey to Rock Point Villa is not difficult. However, local travel customs and procedures may be different from what Americans and Europeans are used to. Here are a few things to keep in mind as you make your way to Rock Point Villa:

Plan to fly in to Managua International Airport (MGA). Several major airlines fly direct to Managua from a handful of US cities. Generally the best fares are through Spirit, TACA, Copa, and American. Delta and Continental also fly into Managua.

Ideally, plan your trip to arrive in Managua early (around noon) to allow time to pick up your vehicle, stop for gas, supplies and groceries in Rivas or the new grocery store in Masaya, and arrive at Hacienda Iguana before sunset.

Your final destination will be Rock Point Villa - Villa Iguanas - Condo A1, which is located directly on Iguana Beach, where a beautiful river meets the Pacific Ocean.

When driving to Rock Point Villa - Nicaragua Surf Rental, for the first time, please keep in mind that you will want to make the trip in daylight, as the roads will be unfamiliar. We have detailed maps and directions that list the distances between each turn that we will provide you before your trip. You will be sharing the road with horses, cows, pigs, chickens, motorcycles, bicycles and slow moving ox-drawn carts. You will pass by volcanoes, rivers, banana and plantain plantations, schools, cities and lush green jungles. There will be few signs, no streetlights, and many people sitting alongside the road at night.

The drive is a wonderful experience and the destination is amazing! Practice your Spanish with the locals during your journey...

Enjoy the Adventure!

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Rental Car Agencies
(Located in Managua, Near International Airport)
PAXEOS is authorized by the airport to operate from its facilities. In fact we are the only transportation company that has a counter inside the luggage pick up section. They will drive you directly to Rock Point Villa - Nicaragua Surf and Golf Rental.

PACEOS is also approved and licensed by the Nicaraguan Institute of Tourism (INTUR) and registered with the Nicaraguan Institute of Aeronautics (INAC) to provide special airport services.

PAXEOS has a modern fleet of vehicles specially designed for the tourism industry, including 15-passenger vans, 30-passenger buses, and comfortable SUVs. We can serve you whenever you need to go, even where a 4x4 is necessary.
Private Shuttle
(Located in Managua, at International Airport)
(Managua to Rock Point Villa)
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