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One of the main reasons that people choose Nicaragua for their vacation destination is the surfing.  Nicaragua is blessed with an abundance of epic waves, offshore winds, and sunny weather almost all year-round. While there are many Nicaragua vacation rentals available to visitors, Rock Point Surf-N-Golf Villa is situated directly in the center of the tola surf zone. Watch and surf the best waves the country directly on our beach! Nicaragua's climate averages around 80 degrees and water temps t hover between 75 - 85 degrees as well. The surf rarely drops below 3 feet at any time during the year and bigger swell events are likely - up to 9 feet - between April - October.

Instead of working around everyone's schedule searching for waves via boat or on a sketchy 4 wheel drive mission our guests are are already on the most wave fertile beach in Nicaragua. No boat or car required and no reason to go anywhere else! With the wind offshore 320 days out the year, due to the Lake Nicaragua effect, be prepared for a good mix of barrels, beach breaks, reefs, and points during your visit.

Most surfers who come to Nicaragua and stay at places other than Iguana beach, end up spending most of their time traveling to Iguana by boat to surf these two spots. This tends to seperate groups apart and leave families back at the surf camp. Why waste all your time and money going back and forth on a boat when you can stay right there on the beach and watch the waves from the pool?

Hacienda Iguana Surf Breaks
(Playa Colorado’s, Panga Drops, The Right Point)

Rock Point Villa also offers Private Access to Rancho Santa Beach Break, Playa Rosada, and Popoyo

Playa Colorados Description...........

Colorado’s is arguably one of the best beachbreaks in Nicaragua, if not Central America. Any hint of south swell gets funneled into A-Frame peaks groomed to perfection by the constant offshore wind. For most surfers visiting Nicaragua, Colorado’s is only accessible by a lengthy boat ride requiring you to wake up at 5:00am, head to the dock, load up, and head for the break. At Rock Point Surf-N-Golf Villa you will be able to wake up, enjoy a fresh cup of coffee, rub the sleep from your eyes, and simply look down the beach to get the latest surf report.

The wave itself is a never-ending mix of barrels, peaks, sections, and ramps that revolve around the mood of the ocean and tides. No two days are ever the exact same, but one thing is for certain, Colorado’s can dish out incredible barrels when the elements come together. Its power will surprise you at times, it is one of the most consistent spots in Central America as well. Be prepared to get some of the best rides of your life over one of the best sandbars imaginable!

Colorado requires a short paddle out, and offers both rights and lefts with plenty of big, open barrels. This spot breaks best on an incoming tide and can handle swell anywhere from knee high to double-overhead and bigger. There are several peaks and plenty of waves to be had.

Panga Drops Description................

Nickname, "Little Sunset". Panga Drops is a deepwater peak that breaks over a relatively tame rock reef. It is an absolute magnet for swell and has the uncanny ability to turn any ripple the Pacific Ocean throws at it into something overhead and rippable. Panga Drops is more sensitive to stiff offshore winds than surrounding waves because it breaks pretty far offshore; but, with lights winds or no wind at all you should expect a very playful right that breaks all the way through to the inside as well as a mellow left ideal for multiple cutbacks.

Panga Drops breaks best on a lower tide and can handle any swell that hits Nicaragua. The break requires a long paddle out and offers both barrels and long uncrowded lines. A bigger board is suggested to get into the sets out there. Both long boarders and short boarders will love this wave.

The Los Perros "The Right" Description...........

Los Perros is directly in Front of the Condo is actually a mellow right pointbreak that hugs the corner of a photogenic rock cliff. The waves here refract and bend around the headland and ultimately open up for a very entertaining 50 - 75 yard right that eventually extinguishes itself into a closeout when the rest of the swell catches up to it.

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Finding the Best Surfing Nicaragua Has to Offer

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